Welcome. Spring. 2012.


***little building blocks and yummy grannies***

Just wanted to pop in and post some new stuff... I'm on a huge deadline for work, but wanted to express deep gratitude to all for keeping the vigil for our water to get fixed- it's been out now for 3 weeks due to the sub zero freeze.

Here's a bunch of little blocks I started... they're SOOOO cute, even though they're all catywompus with their edges a curlin' and all... either it will be another cushion or a monster blankie...

I did this colorway on Colour Lovers
and just had to make a granny blankie with the palette. 
It's the "Spring Apple" granny.

Can't wait for it to grow nice a big so I can take better photos....

....oh, and I started another blanket for the "Vintage" Collection. 
It's called "Antique Rose Granny."
You can see the colorway here.
I just can't wait to see how this one ends.

Hopefully, next time, I'll be able to say we have water and have a ta-dah or two....

See ya round the (dried out) corner...



  1. Good to see you back in Blog Land. Thanks for showing us what has been keeping you busy, I liked your design palette idea. I also like the little squares and will be interested to see what they become. I can not imagine how you are managing without water! Three weeks must seem like an age!

  2. Hi Ursula, welcome back, missed you! Love the projects you're doing. I'm on the border of my big rainbow granny stripe, and same as you, can't wait to get done and do my "ta da!". We also had a frozen water situation and didn't have water that long too. I can so relate! Hugs, Teresa


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