Welcome. Spring. 2012.



Let the Tomato-ey Goodness en Prose begin:

From  Green on the Vine,

Nary few will question,

Tomatoes and Swine,

that's nearly perfection!


From Juice to Soup
Salad or Canned,

Fresh or dried
All will be fans

of a little red fruit,
that will cast a big spell,
For jam you may have
on your biscuit each meal.

 Certainly frozen will be nice,
during the winter ahead,
to taste a real tomato
during a season of dread.

No matter the shape or size
variety or sheen,

you know each one
 has tons of lycopene?

But beware the green sort,

for more reds are coming...

toe-may-toes, toe-may-toes

you're more like bunnies...

...what else to do,
if need should arise?
Make sure you juice some,
for the rogue skunk may surprise.

See ya round the (tomatoe-y) Corner,


Ursula & Cowboy


The Sampler

and now, for something completely different,
The Sampler
Cath Kidston -inspired colors

Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn, 100% Acrylic, worsted weight
Hook Size:  I

:: dark denim ::
:: summer sky ::
:: sea blue ::
:: pistache ::
:: white ::
:: cranberry ::
:: pink ::

to be continued...

See ya round the (simple Sampler) corner,


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