Welcome. Spring. 2012.



Been working on RRrrrIIIPPPpppllllEEeeeSSSsss, lately...
Trying to be inspired and in turn, to inspire. 
Quality time; a time for reflection, diversion, creativity and
a chance to refresh over the hypnotic rhythm that is called RiPPleY-GooDNesS!

The only reaction I've got from anyone around here is, "Another one?" which was totally ignored and several inopportune moments of the Monkey Dog jumping his little heart out in the doorway while I tried to figure out where I miscounted. 

But that's totally okay.  Misdirected excitement can be encouraging,
 even if that excitement is totally cookie-driven.

Why do I love rippley-layers so much? 
They kind of remind me of Christmas ribbon candy...memories from my youth.  I can say that now at the ripe ole age of 40.  Forty.  I can't believe it.  Anyway, moving on...

Thanks for visiting.

Have a Color-filled day, one chock-full of Excitement, Creativity,
Accomplishment and Gratitude.

See ya round the (ripple-ey) corner,


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