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36 Years~ art to span the time

Little Red Riding Hood, 36 years later

I'd like to share with you a story that spans nearly 36 years.

I've never had "Royal Mail" before.
You have no idea how exciting this was to see...

 What's inside, you ask?

Oh, HaPpY day!!!!

   My girl, Red Riding Hood, Doggie and Owl have found their way from far across the Pond into my home in northern New Mexico. 
They arrived none the worse for wear, I'm hApPy to say
 and I am absolutely thrilled!

Many thanks, Miss Julia, for how you make my heart so happy.

Here's why this painting was just meant for me (and the rest of the story):

Here I am, age 3...

 My mother wouldn't let me go into the woods at my grandparents farm without my red jacket, not because it was cute or warm or anything practical, 
 but so I wouldn't get shot by hunters. 
I hated the color blaze orange, but red, I could do.

... and the little Doggie in the picture, is of course, the Monkey Dog Cowboy,

who came to live with me, not as a male magnet (which he was, as I became married 4 months after getting him), but as my little companion.  He quickly became my little shadow, my confidant, my little four legged buddy who would go everywhere with me, even into the darkest of woods.  He was a dog without a history and in need of a heart and some discipline, which I guess he found in me.  In him, I found the definition of unconditional love.

See the resemblance? 

Now I must find a nice portrait of the monkey doggie
 to make the other bookend to this wall of art in progress.

to sum up the story:

So, that's me at age 3 running through the snowy forest
 at my grandparents farm with my 36 year later self's doggie Cowboy.  There was a barred owl back then who lived down by the chicken coop.  I would crack the windows up at the house and listen to him call through the night.  What an amazing memory to have and then have a sweet lady in England, Miss Julia, create this scene without being privy to any of the story that would eventually link it all together.

See ya round the (I can now wear orange, but still prefer red) corner,




Well, I'm back after finger surgery.  Yay to Dr. Jeb Reid for fixin' the trigger fingers (I think)! 
Somehow I'm less than enthusiastic, as they hurt more now than they did before the "fix."

 Five days later.  Weird yellow cast on skin from what I think is some sort of disinfectant?  Got the bill on Saturday.  Two Finger fix, $3570.  $5.70 to make that little ink mark you see below.

Wrong profession, I'm in, that's for sure.
How it's done.  Kinda cool.  And that's not my hand in the video.

Hard to crochet with, even though I'm right handed.  Yarn gets hung on stitches. 
Harder to type.  Maybe more next week.

See ya round the corner.



Are you kidding? Pie ALWAYS helps

Oh, how I hate waiting.  Don't you agree?  The "hurry-up-to-wait" has got to be the worst kind of waiting, but I'm not experiencing that kind. 

This is the kind of waiting that you do for your birthday or for Christmas.  I'm waiting, you see, on a package.  Yes, a package.  From across the Pond no less.  A package from my artist-painter friend Julia, you see.  I can hardly stand the waiting.  I look at her page regularly and stare at that totally adorable, lovely piece of creativity and know that it soon shall be with me.  Have you looked at her site yet?  Can you guess which one is mine? 
Oh happy dance...la la la

I already have the perfect place for it in my crafty room.  The room with all of my favorite things, where I spend hours rocking and crocheting away...

gaining inspriation from my new Snow & Graham paper. 

So I wait and think about all the projects that I have yet to finish...
all those WIPs to torment me while I will be mending from hand surgery.  


 What torture.  But, I do have (thanks Tim at Michael's) a HU-MONG-O piece of lemon meringue pie to look forward to when I get home...
Two words.  YUM-O.  Maybe that's one word?

Anyway, the pie will help me think up new projects and all the yarn I will just HAVE to buy. 

See ya round the (totally gonna get fatter) corner,


Oh, and have you noticed that nearly all my WIPs are things to piece together? 
Guess I'm not good at crochet-as-you-go. 


water, wrapping, and whastlin' wahbits

Firstly, we have water!!! After almost 6 weeks without it, we finally got the problem taken care of. 

Secondly, yesterday I got my order from Snow & Graham.  It was just a few sheets of wrapping paper, but oh, how I love the patterns!

I shall leave you with the Monkey Doggie Cowboy... in the throws of whastlin' wahbits in his sleep....sorry but you will have to teeter your head to the side as I have yet to figure out how to make it go vertically.....

See ya round the corner....


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