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Antique Rose Granny

I couldn't take it.  I just had to post these of my new granny, even though they're a curly mess, camera strap in the way and all.  I know, I know.  I haven't posted in over a month, and now two in one day.... it's called procrastination in the biggest way.   That research proposal is still not done.

Much as the way of my over stuffed closet has gone, as well as the library of books I say I must read, crochet must come first, you see.  I dreamt that I owned my own yarn store last night.  It was glorious and torturous all at the same time.  Sorry to be so random, but maybe this is something I need to talk to my shrink about.   Could it be OCD? Well, anyway, OCD or not, here are some squares for the new blankie, "Antique Rose."  I'm still not sure about the oatmeal color border, but maybe it'll work out....

I think I'm just going into panic mode.  I am going to have my "trigger fingers" fixed on my left hand as well as surgery on my ankle soon and just don't know how it will impair my crochet...  I think I'll go mad.

It's almost the same feeling I had when I set the date to quit smoking,
coming up on 3 years ago now, February 25.  Is that crazy or what?!?! 

See?  It is OCD!?!  Only someone with OCD would carry on in this way.   Hmm. 

Mini chocolates are in the fridge.  Ahh... I'm okay.

See ya round the (OCD, really it is...) corner



  1. What a treat,two crochet posts in one day, I love the granny squares and think the oatmeal border is beautiful. It is going to be fantastic finished. 'Ewe Go girl!'

  2. Ursula, how nice to see you posting often! You have a fun sense of humor. I also love the oatmeal border, very vintage looking. Have you tried joining as you go? Nothing better than not having to sew them all together!

    Hugs, Teresa

  3. This is wonderful work, really I love the colours, they look so calm together! Thank you for sharing. Have a great day,
    love Maaike


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