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After cleaning up such a mess that was the holiday season, including 500 plus catalogs announcing their 60%, 70%, and 80% off sales (of which I participated in none (See simplify posts)).  I hestiated and stopped to look at a couple.  Two of my favorite, Sundance and Garnet Hill.  Here's a little of what I found.
A collection of Sundance quilts.  Beautiful soft, endearing prints.

I saw an afghan in Garnet Hill.  Looked to be a very simple stripe, but turned out to be a stripey-bobble type throw.  Pity they were charging less than $100 for it.  I only have a photo scrap torn from the catalog, but I took those colors and have started a series of vintage afghans.  I love the look of old quilts and things found around old cabins and so what I hope to do is create pieces that are inspired by those simpler things and days when all you had to worry about was having enough food and firewood.

Vintage afghan #1 (un-named)

see ya round the (vintage) corner...



  1. Oh how I love all these prints on these quilts...I must say I am a fan of them all!!! I would have a hard time picking just one...your blog is lovely! Happy New week to you. xoxo

  2. These are the sweetest colors and patterns. I have a thing for fabrics too.
    Have a happy Monday! xx

  3. Love the vintage crochet ripple afghan. I love Sundance too, especially their fabuloso jewelry!

    Hugs, Teresa from Oregon

  4. the quilts are gorgeous and i love those chevrons ♥

    have a happy weekend

    warmest wishes xxx



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