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teeny tiny micro flowers

I just posted a couple of hours ago.  I said that I had been dealing with a stomach thing and during the last 24 hours have decided to start in on a flower shawl.  Well, I also mentioned that I dreamt last night that I made a a beautiful flower shawl out of embroidery floss.  I just dug out my old stash of floss and within a few minutes, came up with this:

It looks pretty much like the larger version.  But, with some scale, here's it's actual size:

The only problem with it is that it has one too many petals.  I got so excited about making a micro-version that I forgot how to count!  Sheesh.

So, off I go on the pursuit of shawl making.  I saw an avatar on ravelry the other day.  It said, "I crochet to keep from killing anyone."  Or something to that effect. 
I'm terrible when it comes to remembering things. 

 Anyway, I think mine should say, "I crochet to keep from doing anything else." 

See ya round the (micro) corner


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  1. That is a gorgeous flower! Can't wait to see more!

    Teresa from Oregon


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