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simplify: chapter two

I took the first step and started hauling crap out of rooms.  Once it was all in the living room, I started putting things back.  Not much went back in.  I should have taken more photos.  Quite a bit went into the dumpster including my bouquets from the wedding.  So did the fake cattail arrangement that caught fire at the reception.  As J said after I told them of the elimination, "We're still married."  That made me feel better.  It's not an easy thing to let go of things.  This whole water leak thing has really helped me do just that.  I still have boxes of photos and letters to go through, but at least I have the two spare rooms put together in some fashion.

  The second bedroom has been rearranged, the bed away from the window and I put in the bookshelves from the living room.  I think they look much better in here...

And for the room I've been just dying to put together, another bedroom complete with single bed and some of my Finnish fav's....

 I can't wait to sit in the glider and hook away....

In all the mess, I found some old Christmas decorations; the nutcracker that my Mom painted to resemble a Michigan State marching band member (my alma mater) and various tealights and candles that were hidden in a box.

And our nativity that friends gave us last year as a wedding gift.

and a not-so-bad looking fake holly wreath for the door.

So, little by little it's coming together.  I still have 23 days to finish the first serious round of simplification.  The tree we'll get together this weekend.  Christmas cards and gifts are still on the list of things left to take care of. 

See you round the (simply Christmas) corner....


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  1. That is the most beautiful Nativity Set. What an amazing gift to bring out every year and think of lovely friends and happy married memories. x


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