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the mad hatter

Even though it's 50 degrees outside, I've decided to get on with making hats.  It is winter, afterall, and eventually we'll have "hat weather." 

So, I've been busy making hats.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern, by Dot Matthews, called the Ugly But Warm Hat (I hardly think they're ugly, though).  I haven't found a link that takes one to her pattern.  I had printed it off back in 2005, so if you're interested in the pattern, let me know.  Anyway, here are some tah-dahs!

Vanna's Choice, acrylic
Kelly Green
Loops & Threads Impeccable, acrylic

Super Saver Solids, acrylic
Burgandy and Soft Navy

Loops and Threads, Impeccable, acrylic
Lavendar &
Vanna's Choice, acrylic
Trim:  Super Saver Solid, acrylic

Super Saver Solid, acrylic
Gold & Hunter Green

Nature's Choice, organic cotton

Nature's Choice, organic cotton

Loops and Threads, acrylic
Vanna's Choice, acrylic
Soft Rose

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See ya round the (toasty) corner...


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  1. they are all fabulous and in such wonderful colours, very happy looking hats! :o)

    many thanks for your sweet comment

    wishing you a lovely week xxx



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