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O Christmas Tree...

Well, we finally got our tree! 
It's all I really wanted for Christmas and it makes me so happy.

Other projects:

I went and bought 4 yards of red felt to make a tree skirt.  I pulled out my Grandmother's circa 1936 Singer and started in.  The fun part is getting to the edging. 
It was a really simple pattern that yielded a nice size skirt.  I'm not going to do anything other than a simple blanket stitch with some stashed white acrylic yarn. 
I'll probably come back and edit this post with the finished skirt...

Last week I had some fun making some crocheted ornaments... not bad for my first attempt

The stars didn't come out that well.  Not very pointy-points, even though I sprayed a TON of spray starch on them... suggestions anyone?

and of course, I've been working on grannies... this past week was a cushion cover. 

I just love all the ends that all my grannies have made;
 so much so, I just had to take a picture.
 (these include those from the popsicle blankie)

blocking on a towel in the kitchen...

 Now to find a pillow to cover.

I also made my mother-in-law a warm hat (should winter ever decide to arrive- 58 degrees F yesterday?!?), using yarn she chose herself at Michaels.  How nice it was for us to spend last Saturday together in Santa Fe.  She suffers from both Alzheimers and macular degeneration (loss of vision), so it was a joy to take her to see the Christmas decorations in all the stores and let her pick out new boots that fit her high arch and yarn for a hat and scarf that wouldn't be scratchy against her sensitive skin.

Anyway, I love, love, love this yarn! 
LBY, Nature's Choice, Organic cotton in macadamia and walnut,
 the "Ugly But Warm" pattern by Dot Matthews, Copyrighted 12/28/04,
although I really don't think it's ugly at all.  In fact, I think it's quite cute... maybe one for me in a nice peacock blue?  Must have a look in the stash...

De-cluttering update:

It's my last week to "declutter."  I think I set a deadline of December 31.   Did I say 2010?  What I meant to post was 2011.  ;0)

Ahem.  Anyway, I told a friend of that silly idea, that if I posted that deadline on the blog it might help motivate me to get it done.  The whole idea of "people are watching you" might actually help me get it done... um, that hasn't really happened.   But, I did get a little re-motivated after putting the tree up.  J worked until really late (he said he came home at 2 am, but I peeked at the clock when he was brushing his teeth and it was really 2:30 am- BUSTED sweetheart, ha ha) so I spent until about midnight sorting through "stuff."  That all needs to get out of the house, into the car and over to the free box before I loan my car to a good friend for her Christmas travels.  Goodness, what a car full.  I shall take photos before it's relieved of it's cargo.

Well, I must go and get some real work done... one day left to hand in a quarterly report at work... oh, reality can be so crushing sometimes. 

See ya 'round the (Christmassy) corner...


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  1. hello
    this is sumea from ravelry
    i followed your link
    and am now following your blog :o)
    love yor christmas decorations
    have a wonderful festive week xxx


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