Welcome. Spring. 2012.


weekend of crochet...

Well, after we got the water back on last week, the flu hit our household.  Each of us has had some variation of aches (head, stomach, muscle), stabbing pains (hips, back, stomach), and vomitting; much distress in general.  So, while all of this was going on, I got to thinking and hooking.

Here were the results:

Scarf #1, the Cascade Scarf  (Kittyboo Crochet, Rebecca Jackson), Blueberry tangle


Scarf #2:  Granny Scarf, Lion Brand Yarn, Chocolate Mint Mocha

And I spent some time staring at part of my stash.  I am missing a light yellow, light pink, light orange, light green, and a dark green, but it shall be called the "Popsicle Blankie."

I will update you all with progress photos as I go along as well as add the material details of all my projects under my Crochet, Granny's page.

Until then, see ya round the (less distressed) corner...


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