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simplify: chapter one

Well, I hadn't intended on this, but we sprang a leak in the guest bathroom this past Saturday night.  Before we realized what was going on, water had leaked into the spare bedroom where all of my saved photos and letters had been stored in cardboard boxes.  Note to self:  buy plastic storage boxes

So, I guess this is the first chapter of the long book
that is all about the simplifying of my life.

First, setting the scene:

every spare towel was used to mop up the flood,

cut a hole on the other side of the shower to find the leak,

...got the guys to come out after a couple of days
and put valves in to shut off the water at the leak.

 Resident MacGyver, husband J, was quick with a solution to dry out the carpet and wall:
a bungee cord, a portable fan and a space heater

got the stuff wet on the corner of the closet too,

So, I moved it all out into the guest bedroom,

mixed in with all of E's firefighting gear and clothes.

So, today will be spent sorting through all of my old letters,

and crinkled photographs.

and of course there is 6 loads of laundry that piled up with the water shut off,

 How appropriate that it is Thanksgiving week and right now I am incredibly thankful,
 as there is such thing as white chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups.


See ya 'round the (dried and sorted out) corner...


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