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2010 Season of Blessings

As the nights grow colder here in northern New Mexico, we are reminded that another growing season has come to pass.  We were blessed this year, indeed. 

First, with good health and a growing family. 
We welcomed the newest addition to our family, our sweet niece, AB on July 27th. 

As for the rest of us, we had a busy year growing our own babies,
out here west of the Mississippi.

For the first time in years, we had irrigation water come from the mountains in the acequia (a network of hand dug, earthen canals used to move water from the snow melt runoff from the mountains in the spring, to crops below in the valley)

Happy cows really do live in New Mexico, not California!

The Garden went in quite well with all of our Church Family

Countless hours were spent watering and weeding.

We were able to harvest a few things...

Lots of greens and cold weather crops...

The onions decided that they grew better on top of the soil instead of down under it!

You really can grow cantalopes at 7000 ft!

They may have been only the size of softballs,
but we sure did have a bunch of them... and oh, so SWEET!

What a wonderful season it was...

Oh, and let us not forget, we must show off our 2010 raspberry harvest:

Now it is time to rest,

and enjoy the last warm days of the year.

Even Itsy-cat isn't so ornery on warm days like these...
but, as we know, the cold can't be too far away.

Grandma, you would have been 110 years old today.  We will never forget the influence you had on our lives; the gardens you grew, the platz you made, and the afghans you crocheted.  Happy Birthday.

See ya 'round the corner,


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  1. Hello Ursula

    Im so glad you came to visit my blog and left me such a nice comment, as its meant Ive now found yours!
    Such gorgeous photographs, and so inspiring - I love to see little peeks into people's worlds the other side of the planet...thank you for sharing, will visit again for sure.

    Much love
    Julia x x x


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