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36 Years~ art to span the time

Little Red Riding Hood, 36 years later

I'd like to share with you a story that spans nearly 36 years.

I've never had "Royal Mail" before.
You have no idea how exciting this was to see...

 What's inside, you ask?

Oh, HaPpY day!!!!

   My girl, Red Riding Hood, Doggie and Owl have found their way from far across the Pond into my home in northern New Mexico. 
They arrived none the worse for wear, I'm hApPy to say
 and I am absolutely thrilled!

Many thanks, Miss Julia, for how you make my heart so happy.

Here's why this painting was just meant for me (and the rest of the story):

Here I am, age 3...

 My mother wouldn't let me go into the woods at my grandparents farm without my red jacket, not because it was cute or warm or anything practical, 
 but so I wouldn't get shot by hunters. 
I hated the color blaze orange, but red, I could do.

... and the little Doggie in the picture, is of course, the Monkey Dog Cowboy,

who came to live with me, not as a male magnet (which he was, as I became married 4 months after getting him), but as my little companion.  He quickly became my little shadow, my confidant, my little four legged buddy who would go everywhere with me, even into the darkest of woods.  He was a dog without a history and in need of a heart and some discipline, which I guess he found in me.  In him, I found the definition of unconditional love.

See the resemblance? 

Now I must find a nice portrait of the monkey doggie
 to make the other bookend to this wall of art in progress.

to sum up the story:

So, that's me at age 3 running through the snowy forest
 at my grandparents farm with my 36 year later self's doggie Cowboy.  There was a barred owl back then who lived down by the chicken coop.  I would crack the windows up at the house and listen to him call through the night.  What an amazing memory to have and then have a sweet lady in England, Miss Julia, create this scene without being privy to any of the story that would eventually link it all together.

See ya round the (I can now wear orange, but still prefer red) corner,



  1. Dear Ursula, How neat that you got something from Julia! I love her things! It's a book, right?

    Hugs from Oregon -- Teresa :-)

  2. Ursula! Thank you so very much for sharing this story ~ I am in awe of the likeness of your wee dog to the one in the painting, and of course the picture seems to capture your story just as you tell it! I am still smiling at the magic that can unfold, despite oceans in between, whereby a painting that tumbled from my imagination and onto the paper that day, spoke to you in the deepest sense.

    Enjoy it ~ I think I know you will.

    With much love and kindest regards,
    Julia x

  3. that is the sweetest story and that painting is definitely you!!! x


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