Welcome. Spring. 2012.



Well, I'm back after finger surgery.  Yay to Dr. Jeb Reid for fixin' the trigger fingers (I think)! 
Somehow I'm less than enthusiastic, as they hurt more now than they did before the "fix."

 Five days later.  Weird yellow cast on skin from what I think is some sort of disinfectant?  Got the bill on Saturday.  Two Finger fix, $3570.  $5.70 to make that little ink mark you see below.

Wrong profession, I'm in, that's for sure.
How it's done.  Kinda cool.  And that's not my hand in the video.

Hard to crochet with, even though I'm right handed.  Yarn gets hung on stitches. 
Harder to type.  Maybe more next week.

See ya round the corner.



  1. (((Hugs))) I hope you are on the mend and back to crochet properly soon x You are very brave :)

  2. Ursula, I had "trigger thumb" and had to have surgery on it. My right hand. I'm glad I had it done but what a pain in the patootie to go through it all. Hope you feel better soon.

    Hugs from Teresa


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