Welcome. Spring. 2012.


Sunday afternoon...late lunch

Well, here it is.  The perfect sandwhich for a late afternoon lunch. 
The Apricot Corner grilled cheese.

softened, salted, sweet cream butter
freshly baked white bread
smokey bacony goodness
fresh from the garden, ripe, golden tomatoes
the sharpest cheddar on the planet
good ole' miracle whip

can't ya just smell it?!?

buttered bread, butter-side down in the pan... very important

slices of cheesy goodness and a Z of miracle whip

now we're gettin' somewhere...

goldenly sweet like ripe apricots...

piled high...

cover with foil (there are two beasties under there, one for me, one for J)

perfectly toasted and buttery on the outside and gettin' nice and melty on the inside...

two words.  yum.  o.

happiness is...


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