Welcome. Spring. 2012.


rainy day people...

I am a rainy day person, for sure.  All my best days seem to be on rainy days.  J proposed to me on a rainy day.  We were married on a rainy day.  The best smells and colors come on rainy days, too.  The sage here sends out this wonderful scent when it rains.  The fall color just glows against the gray sky. 

Here's the view from our kitchen as we found ourselves with 1/2" rain and
 a bit of snow up above 9000'

...found some goodies in the garden hidden amongst all that brown

cleaned the veg...

... muddy shoes and muddy monkey doggie I'll take care of later

See ya 'round the corner...



  1. There were lots of great things hidden in all that brown. Beautiful! I always love hearing people say they like rain. Makes me like it more, too:)

  2. What a beautiful view you have from your kitchen window, and I so get what you mean about the rain bringing out the scent of things.

    I love the smell after a storm in summer.

    A x


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