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the Levi Project

22 pair of Levis.  Most people don't own 22 pair of pants or shoes or anything else for that matter.  This was the Saturday morning project.  Instead of purging the whole closet, I decided to tackle one chapter of that closet. 

I actually didn't plan on doing this until I found myself staring up at the "stack" on the top shelf and wondering why on earth I have so many and why I only wear one or two and why none of them make my backside look smaller...

Step one, admitting you have a problem.  Step two, strategize.

So, I pulled them all down and laid them on the bed.  Two were missing from this shot.  I was wearing the pair that I could never live without (we all have that pair) and the other was in the laundry, meaning that it must be okay.
After a brief sigh, I started in.  Some went on with absolutely no trouble.  Checked the hiney in the mirror; it looked good (well as good as a size 12/14 hiney can look).  Those went in one pile.  Most, I'm sorry to say were a little difficult, but got them on... just a little snug.  Those went in another pile. 

Then there were the final five.  I couldn't even get them past my thighs.  Was I really that small at one time?  I checked the label.  Size 8.  No way.  I double checked the zipper thinking that maybe I forgot to release it.  Yah, that had to be it.  Nope.  Zipper down. 

I offer no other excuse other than to say that my husband makes me eat ice cream every night. 

Here's how it ended up coming out.

Two were put in the "free box" pile, headed to the recycling center where maybe someone else will enjoy my extra huge Levis.

Here's the rest:

The first two piles (total 8) are fine.  Piles three and four are future aspiration piles.

Pile 3, where there's some hope in these 5 pair...

And pile 4, where there really is no hope, but... there's 5 pair of perfectly good Levis awaiting a size 8 hiney.

So, in the end, didn't really purge, but had a good reality check.  Next week maybe I'll tackle the shoes.  Feet don't get fat, do they?

See ya 'round the corner.


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