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Pieces of Parts of a Whole: the Un-finished FOs

The "un-attached" Granny

In order for me to make some order in my mess, I must deal with all the unfinished, but very well-intended, to-be-finished objects, or FOs.  Each were started with the utmost enthusiasm, believe me.  Each were abandoned, literally for the idea du jour. 
I really do believe that I have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD. 

My friends on Ravelry have dealt with my "issue" and have offered up some lovely ideas.  You know, one can never have enough ideas.  Perhaps this is me, asking you to be my co-dependents by adding to the visions in my head...

Well, without further ado, here they are:

To start, the Antique Rose blanket.

A lovely combination of colors, chosen from a block from my baby quilt, circa 1971.

Then there is the Hexagon blanket.

With serious enthusiasm, and about $80 worth of cotton yarn,
in totally wonderful colors,
I went on a binge. 

That was a short-lived run,
when the yarn became in short supply and
funds needed to go toward something more essential,
like food or toilet paper, or both.

The Popscicle Blankie was going to be different, you see.  Each square brought a sense of adventure.  What colors would the next square be?  I don't know what happened.  I just lost momentum somewhere on that super-sized hill known as The Grannys-a-Square-Afghan by Allison Haas.  What a beautiful pattern.  Too bad I ran out of steam on this one.

After that one got boxed, I thought I'd try to go back to basics. 
A single crochet stitch, a little block, a novel idea of a pattern
(for those of you playing along at home):
make block with color A, edge with color B
next block, color B, edge with C, and so on

The photo below is fuzzy.  It's not your eyes.  You all get the idea.  I think I knew it was going to be yet another unfinished FO, so I didn't even bother to take a decent photo.

Well, there you have it.  I will try and not start anything new.  Promise. 
Unless I have a total epiphany.

Ideas anyone?

See ya 'round the (un-finished) corner,



  1. Ursula, you gave me a laugh! Just a few days ago I went and spent way too much money on yarn. I mean, who remembers you are supposed leave enough money for toilet paper, of all things, when you are shopping for yarn???? I would rip out all the unfinished pieces and start something way smaller, but then I rip things apart too easy maybe... but hey, you are not alone with yarn related ADD, I think it is quite common:)

  2. Don't hate me.. but I think you need to bite the bullet and sew together that beautiful granny square as step one.. :-) ::ducking::

    You'll be glad you did!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi Ursula, I agree with Teresa, sew some of your beautiful granny squares together.
    I should talk though, I daren't look at my 'started but not finished' stash.
    I have (not bragging, just saying) a beautiful "West Wind" cross stitch picture, took me ages to do and all it needs is a trip to the framing shop but.......... two years later, it is still just rolled up. aaaargh!
    Carol xx


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