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the best slippers ever, recreated

Tante Clara's Christmas Pantoffeln, revisited, brought back from the brink of destruction...

side view

Here they are.  I think I've finally figured them out.  Tante Clara's pantoffeln. She made them for all of the kids and grandkids- nieces and nephews too.  Every year, that woman probably made 60 pair of slippers. 

Mine, well, they're a little too squared of at the toe.  Hopefully they'll round out when I sew the sole on.

I have a couple of pair that I've kept, as Tante Clara passed away at least 20 years ago. 

They're definitely well worn, that blue pair.  The brown I kept "pristine" so I could really look at how they were pieced together.  The pink pair with the cutie flowers were a gift from my sis, years ago. 

So, we'll see how it goes.  Not making any promises, but hopefully will get good enough and productive enough for Christmas gifts. 

Just a quick post today- a wave from the old smokey homestead, as the Las Conchas fire is around 100,000 acres to the southwest of us. 

See ya 'round the (smokey and slippery) corner,



  1. That's pretty cool to resurrect a skill from someone who's in the next place.. I bet she's looking down on you and beaming!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. They look brilliant, I am hoping to make slippers and felt them. Those look like perfect warm slippers.


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