Welcome. Spring. 2012.



Been working on RRrrrIIIPPPpppllllEEeeeSSSsss, lately...
Trying to be inspired and in turn, to inspire. 
Quality time; a time for reflection, diversion, creativity and
a chance to refresh over the hypnotic rhythm that is called RiPPleY-GooDNesS!

The only reaction I've got from anyone around here is, "Another one?" which was totally ignored and several inopportune moments of the Monkey Dog jumping his little heart out in the doorway while I tried to figure out where I miscounted. 

But that's totally okay.  Misdirected excitement can be encouraging,
 even if that excitement is totally cookie-driven.

Why do I love rippley-layers so much? 
They kind of remind me of Christmas ribbon candy...memories from my youth.  I can say that now at the ripe ole age of 40.  Forty.  I can't believe it.  Anyway, moving on...

Thanks for visiting.

Have a Color-filled day, one chock-full of Excitement, Creativity,
Accomplishment and Gratitude.

See ya round the (ripple-ey) corner,



  1. Your ripple is looking fantastic. I haven't tried one myself...yet that is. Good luck.

  2. Nobody gets the ripply groove unless you're a fellow rippler. But I bet they will enjoy snuggling under this beauty! But I know.. I get you. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Just FYI - I clicked on your first blog link and it's only for those who've been invited to visit her blog. :-)

  4. Hello Teresa :)
    Yes, I too have been "uninvited." Oh well, I do hope all is well with Millie as she has taken quite a long hiatus from blogging. Thanks for pointing out that linkage problem. Do hope YOU and YOURS are well, anxiously awaiting the Christmas season. I haven't been blogging, nor blog-hopping in a while, but hope to catch up soon... XOXO Ursula

  5. Anna really likes the ripply design. She wants to know how to make it. Is it an Afghan? She also knows how to crochet and says your work is perfecto! Like the pictures of veggies and flowers.... Ron

  6. I love ripples, too. Yours is beautiful! I love the photo of your dog looking so sweet! You just want to reach thru the screen and start petting. So sweet. :)

    Keep those ripples coming and don't listen to anyone...we all understand your drive to make afghans....no better way to tell someone you care then to give them a warm afghan. :)

  7. Hello! I love your ripple! I first attempted a ripple last summer.for some reason I always avoided trying one,maybe the dislike of counting over 200 chains,or fear of the peaks and valleys?. but I am hooked also!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hello.. I'm Shari... Just love your blog. Very nice work


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